Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Every Bead Has a Home


Yesterday was my 37th birthday and lo and behold...I received my first shipment from! What a treat!

I'm working on a Spring-themed project with those materials (to be posted) but I found that I had some leftover blue cat's eyes. With Spring still in mind, I thought about bright blue skies and the sense of renewal this particular season has to offer. With that, here's what evolved:

Happy Beading!

Disclosure: Round 4mm Cat's Eye Bead - Light Blue Product Code: CATR-LTB4 - Was kindly provided free of charge by as part of their blogging program. The author has not received any payment from the above and any posts about their products represent the author's personal opinion only.

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  1. Great necklace! Also, thanks for stoppin by my blog! Cheers from Boston! :D