Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Memories of Dragonflies in Baxter State Park

Hello, Fellow Beaders!
I'm in love with the chunky look (hmm, possible book idea?) and have a bunch of gemstone chips that I've been planning to use in such. Well, one look at my dragonfly pendant (below) and it all came together. Let me introduce "Sunset Hike in Baxter."

Below is the detail. This was pretty tricky to create, I must admit, probably because I didn't think through the attachments very well. Working with 10 strands of gemstone chips and beads proved difficult when all was said and done. It's a very heavy piece. I'm considering this a lesson learned!

Have any of you out in the beading blogosphere mastered the art of multi-stranding? I would truly welcome any tips.

Happy Beading!

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