Thursday, February 25, 2010

Spring is Soon Arriving!

I just placed my very first Design Partners order with in a "Beauty of Spring" theme. My palette is a light sapphire and peridot. I can't wait to create! Stay tuned for photos of my finished piece/s.

If you haven't yet, you've GOTTA check out Terrific website and amazing products!


  1. Hi Marie! Thanks for stopping by my blog and your kind words on my art - I am at work now (shh....), but I will come back to your blog later when I have more time - congrats on the ArtBeads gig; you are going to love it!

  2. Hi Marie,
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm so glad you have joined the Artbeads blogging team. I'll be back to see what you've come up with for Spring!


  3. Welcome to my blogging and beading worlds. It is nice to meet you! This is my first time here and I wanted to say "Hi!" Do you live in GA? (I see an advertisement on the side and was wondering if you bead at Atlanta Bead on Hwy 23?) It is one of my favorite places to shop.
    Stop by and see me when you have time.
    "I breath to bead"...